Online:Event Exchange (Northern Elsweyr)

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Event Hub:
Event Exchange
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Discoverable No
Tenmar BorderlandsNorthern Elsweyr
Outside of Rimmen
Event Exchange

The Event Exchange is a tent found outside the walls of Rimmen. During events, the Impresario is located here along with a seasonal Indrik located in the pens beside her. Her assistant Philius Dormier and a Nascent indrik will always be here, even outside of events.

The book Memorandum: Indrik Emergence & Formal Development is found here, and the Scroll, Indrik Life Cycle can be found in the box of notes. A display case of the four indrik feathers can also be seen.


Event Exchange
The Impresario
Nadyashana ±
Philius Dormier Achievement Furnisher
Witchmother Taerma
Zalun ±
Appears only during Events
±Appears only when the current Event Item Upgrade is an Appearance Collectable