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Enigma of Vivec
Home City Mournhold
Location Tribunal Temple
Race Spirit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Enigma of Vivec

The Enigma of Vivec is an aspect of the living god Vivec, encountered within the Tribunal Temple in Mournhold during the related quest.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Enigma of Vivec will appear once you have made your choice.

"You walked in our skin and wrought our judgment. You exposed the lie at the core of all truth.
This may be lost on you. It does not matter."
Are you Vivec?
"We are echoes of Vivec—nothing more, all things less. We recall the wisdom of his judgment, which differed from your own.
You could not know. You are not Vivec."
Who did Vivec choose?
"Both. Neither. We rewarded Fenila for her cunning, yet House Redoran suffered for poisoning a Telvanni in another's duel. We flayed Morami for her actions, yet elevated House Hlaalu for its actions in exposing a heretic.
Can you accept this truth?"
Yes, I accept it.

You will then be blessed.

Enigma of Vivec: "Through your wisdom and judgment, you have earned Vivec's favor. Receive our blessing."
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