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Druid Jend
Location Near Stonelore Forge and Craft
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Stonelore Circle
Druid Jend

Druid Jend is a Breton druid of the Stonelore Circle who can be found near the Stonelore Forge and Craft.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

You can encounter him as a butterfly, and if approached he will transform back to his normal form:

Druid Jend: "You there, strapping traveler! Do you have a moment?"

Speak with him:

"Ah, my butterfly found me a strong helper!
If you're out here chasing butterflies, perhaps you have time to assist the druids of the Stonelore Circle with a matter of great importance. I'm not as young as I used to be and could use your help."
What do you need help with?
"The volcano stirs … as if encouraged by an outside force. More importantly, the local volcanic vents which normally lie dormant, are suddenly teeming with activity. I fear if I don't discover the cause, the destruction will be unimaginable."
What do you need me for?
"I need your help investigating the vents. I must commune with the spirits at each site to determine the best course of action—but catching those buggers requires someone spry. And the ritual is easier with two people.
I'll pay if you'll help."
I'll help you investigate the volcanic vents and commune with the spirits there.

After you agree to help, you can ask some more questions:

"The creatures you catch at each vent will be my conduit to their nature spirits. Then, I'll need your help to perform the ritual.
Now, let's hurry. Time is short and we don't want to try and dance with lava!"
What did you mean when you said the volcano was encouraged by an outside force?
"Ah, ah, I said as if encouraged by an outside force! It could be nothing more than the ramblings of an old druid. I just know that this activity is strange … but much of nature is, thanks to Y'ffre and his Earthbones."
You mentioned you're part of the Stonelore Circle druids?
"I am. The two of us would not be having such a friendly conversation were I part of the Eldertide Circle, heh. Lucky you! Can't say much about the Firesong Circle, however, and I don't care to."
I've helped the Stonelore Circle once before. (If you have completed The Corrupted Grove)
"Oh? I knew you looked like the helpful sort. You have my thanks for assisting them. It's comforting to know you're a friend to my people. There are many who view druids with suspicion … or worse."
How will you commune with the nature spirits?
"Easily! I may be old, but I'm still a druid. I am an arbiter of Y'ffre's will and therefore my magic helps me take care of and communicate with nature. I can make flowers grow beneath your feet if I wish, and I can summon spirits."
So why do you need me?
"Catching the creatures requires a swift hand. But I also need a bit of your own energy to do the ritual. Once you catch something, you'll need to release it toward me so I can draw on both your power and the creature's to communicate with the spirit."

At the first vent, Druid Jend will teleport and point out the nearby butterfly:

Druid Jend: "Grab that little one there, that'll do."

If you speak to him before catching the butterfly, he will say:

"Go on, that little one there should be a fine conduit. If you can catch it for me, we can begin!"

After grabbing the Island Butterfly:

Druid Jend: "Excellent work! Now, to perform the ritual, stand over there, concentrate on the butterfly and release it toward me!"

Speaking to Druid Jend before releasing the butterfly:

"Now that you have the creature, go stand over there and release it in my direction. Your life energy and my spell will hold it in place until I can commune with the spirit itself. Come now, let's hurry!"

After releasing the butterfly, it will fly towards Druid Jend:

Druid Jend: "Hmm, butterfly spirits are notoriously difficult to understand, but that was useful. I think. Let's continue."

Speak with Druid Jend to find out what he learnt from the butterfly:

"That was … somewhat enlightening. Insect nature spirits are a peculiar kind. They always communicate so quickly, it's near impossible to parse."
What did you learn from the spirit?
"It's hard to put into words. Butterflies are fickle creatures naturally, and even more so when distressed. But it at least communicated to me that the disturbance in the natural order happened quite recently. Curious."

At the second vent he will point to the dragonfly, once he teleports in:

Druid Jend: "That's a fine specimen there! Grab him!"

If you speak to him before catching the dragonfly, he'll say:

"That dragonfly right there should do the trick. Quickly, capture it!"

After grabbing the Dragonfly:

Druid Jend: "All right, now just stand over there, concentrate and release the dragonfly to me. Careful!"

Speaking to him before releasing the dragonfly:

"Now then, just release the dragonfly in my direction. Concentrate on the vital energy that connects both you and it. I will perform the ritual quickly!"

After performing the ritual:

Druid Jend: "Dragonflies are such poets. The spirit mentioned a high concentration of magicka here. Worrying."

Talk to Druid Jend to find out what he learnt from the dragonfly:

"A concerning piece of information, but a piece all the same. Come, let us continue."
You mentioned a high concentration of magicka?
"Yes, though neither the spirit nor I are able to determine the source. But abundant magicka in any place that it doesn't belong is a problem.
Another part of the puzzle."

At the third vent, he will point to an Island Moth and say:

Druid Jend: "Ah, there's a quick critter now! Catch it, would you?"

If you speak to him before catching the moth, he'll say:

"That one will do, if you can catch it. Go ahead, then we can begin the ritual."

After grabbing the Island Moth:

Druid Jend: "Well done, my friend! Now, help me perform the ritual!"

Speaking to him before releasing the moth:

"Now that you have the creature, all you need to do is release it toward me and concentrate your own energy. I will do the rest."

Once the third ritual is completed, Druid Jend will call you over to discuss what happened:

Druid Jend: "Let's speak."

When spoken to:

"Well, that was enlightening. I thank you for your help, you're quick on your feet! I remember when I could snatch an errant bug from the very sky. Those were the days.
Ah, my mind wanders. Let us focus on the task at hand."
Did the spirits tell you how to fix the volcanic vents?
"In a sense. Natural spirits do not always communicate in ways that are clear, even to druids. We are but observers of Y'ffre's will. Still, based on what I learned, I've developed a theory. One that confuses me greatly."
What's your theory?
"The spirits noticed an abundance of magic—both at the vents and within the volcano itself. My people are the only ones who can claim power over volcanic forces, but that doesn't make any sense. Why would anyone want to usher a volcano along?"
Can you fix it?
"Not forever, but now that I know the nature of the activity, I can conduct a ritual to calm the vents. That way, they won't be a danger to anyone, at least not for a while.
But to do so, I need your young legs again. How do you feel about torchbugs?"
How do I feel about … torchbugs? Why?
"The ritual requires an attuned torchbug. I always carry a few on my person—here, take him. Gently.
I'll need you to toss the bright-bummed lad into the largest volcanic vent, it's just to the north. Don't worry! No harm will come to the torchbug!"

You can speak to him again before heading out:

"Meet me at the largest of the volcanic vents, it's close by. You can't miss it.
I'll give you further instructions on how to help me with the ritual once we arrive. Come along, fresh legs! Nature waits for no one."

When you arrive at the large volcanic vent, it will already be erupting and Jend will shout:

Druid Jend: "Quickly, this way! We're too late. I'll try to contain it!"

Druid Jend will shield himself while he tries to contain the vent. You job will be to fight the waves of volcanic creatures which are attracted to this.

Druid Jend: "Don't let those monsters reach the fissure! They'll overload it!"

Once you fought of the waves, Druid Jend will ask you to release the Attuned Torchbug:

Druid Jend: "Well done! I'll stabilize the vent while you use the torchbug to seal it!"
<Druid Jend stabilizes the vent.>

Before releasing the torchbug, you can speak to him:

"Go ahead, just release that handsome little fellow right over the volcanic vent. He'll know what to do.
I'll use his natural energy to guide this calming ritual. Nature can be willful, but it can also be coaxed so long as it is respected."
Druid Jend: "All done. Now, let's find a cooler place to speak. I might melt if we stand here any longer."
<Druid Jend teleports away.>

If you catch him before he teleports away, he will reiterate:

"Let's get somewhere a bit safer before we speak again. We've contained it for the time being but even still, I'd rather we get some place cooler before we chat. Come, let's leave this place."

Druid Jend will be found atop the nearby Augury Monoliths:

"Well, that was invigorating! Thank you for your help, I wouldn't have been able to handle all of those creatures on my own. You are a marvel across the battlefield!
You saved the day, my sprightly friend."
Was the ritual successful?
"It was. The volcanic vents have been contained, at least for now. The danger is passed. The underlying mystery persists, however. Who would use magic to awaken the volcano? And why? I must ponder this.
Here, your reward. I appreciate your help."

After the quest is complete:

"You have my gratitude. Without your help, I would never have discovered how to quell the volcanic vents. Perhaps in time, I will puzzle out how exactly they became active again in the first place. But for now, I am content to merely thwart disaster."
What are you going to do now?
"I intend to determine the cause of this new volcanic activity to the best of my ability. Thanks to you, I'm no longer in danger of drowning in a molten wave of Y'ffre's wrath. Now, I can take my time with my investigation."
What's your theory about the cause?
"Were it not for the excess of magic, I would think it nothing more than an example of Y'ffre's uncompromising and intractable will. But there is more to this.
Dread brews in my stomach like a terrible storm. Or perhaps that's just gas. Who can say?"