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Druid Edaen
Location Outside of Fauns' Thicket
Race Wood Elf Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Stonelore Circle
Druid Edaen

Druid Edaen is a Wood Elf member of the Stonelore Circle who can be found outside of Fauns' Thicket.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

You can find Druid Edaen and Mohair outside the Fauns' Thicket, you may overhear Druid Edaen as you approach:

"Mohair, I know you're hungry, but my robes aren't for eating. Oh, maybe they can help us!"

Speak with Druid Edaen to see what is going on:

"Do you have time to help some … well, Fauns aren't exactly defenseless creatures, but they are in danger."
The Fauns need help with something?
"Just because they're intelligent creatures doesn't mean that they don't need help. The herd is suffering because a wolf pack moved in. The great beasts are eating every creature in sight! It's only a matter of time before they eat the Fauns, too."
So you want me to get rid of the wolves?
"No! Definitely not. I want someone to take these fast-growing seeds and plant them throughout Fauns' Thicket. Fauns love the taste of the berries but wolves can't stand them.
I can offer a reward if you're inclined to assist me."
I'll help you plant seeds in Fauns' Thicket.

After you agree to help, Edaen will mark your map and you can ask her further questions:

"I'll mark the places in Fauns' Thicket where you should plant the seeds. Once the Fauns start eating, the wolves won't go near them. They really can't stand the smell.
We'll be planting seeds as well, but we'll stop by to see how you're doing."
Why do you care about protecting these Fauns?
"The Faun herd has lived in this location since before druids settled on Galen. Even Druid Madena chose this thicket to study them.
Besides, I adore them. They're smart and playful. Like little Mohair here. Watch out. He might try to eat your pack."
Who was Druid Madena?
"You haven't heard of her? She inspired me to become a druid! She's an elder now, but in her youth, she came here to study the Fauns. She learned so much about them, how they interact and how clever they are. Her love of Fauns became mine."
Why did she want to study the Fauns? / Why did Druid Madena want to study the Fauns?
"The truth is, until she came here, no one knew much about Fauns. They were mainly seen as cunning pests. She was the first druid to really delve into how the herds worked. I believe her efforts resulted in fewer Faun deaths and deeper understanding."
You're a druid?
"I know what you're thinking. How did a Wood Elf become a Stonelore druid? I wasn't satisfied with just following the Green Pact. It wasn't enough. So I came to Galen to find myself. Turns out, I fell right in with the Stonelore Circle."
Why did you chose the Stonelore Circle?
"They were the only ones who would talk to me at first. The other circles don't like outsiders. Even now, they struggle to accept that I'm one of them. Still, I've gotten good at convincing the Eldertide not to attack me. And having Mohair helps."
Why do you have Mohair with you?
"There was an incident with his herd. The guards outside Vastyr thought that the local Fauns were attacking them. They weren't.
Still, Mohair was the only survivor."
Can't you give him to a new herd?
"Faun herds are close knit families. They wouldn't just accept an outsider. Especially not one who's small or weak.
Still, Mohair helps me convince stubborn outsiders that Fauns aren't terrible creatures. He's like an ambassador to man and mer."
So he sees you as his mother?
"I'm probably more like a bossy sister. We get along, but he still tries to irk me when he's bored. I keep him out of danger, but I can't control him.
Especially at this age. He's more rebellious than I was in my youth."
You're sure these berries will protect the Fauns from the hungry wolves?
"The wolf pack's usual prey was decimated by a blight last season, so they came here to hunt. They're starting with smaller prey, but it's only natural for them to hunt the Fauns next. I want to keep that from happening."
And you really think these seeds are the answer?
"Hey, I'm a druid. Knowing this kind of nature stuff is sort of part of the job description!
Those seeds grow exceedingly fast and produce berries that Mohair loves. Wolves, on the other hand, hate the way they smell. Just a whiff makes them run!"
And how will that help the Fauns?
"Haven't you heard? You are what you eat. After a few meals, the Fauns will smell like the berries.
Plus, I had these seeds infused with magic. They'll sprout when you plant them! The Fauns will have plenty to eat and the wolves will leave them be."

Once inside Fauns' Thicket, you can plant the first berry bush:

Druid Edaen: "Great work! Let me see how it's growing."
Druid Edaen: "These berries are growing in nicely. They'll be ready for the Fauns in no time."

Speaking with Druid Edaen here:

"Nicely done. Let's keep at it, these seeds won't plant themselves."

The site of the second berry bush:

Druid Edaen: "This spot is even nicer than I expected. Let me check on the berries."
Druid Edaen: "These sure grew in nicely. Aww, look how happy Mohair is!"

Speaking with Druid Edaen:

"Nearly there, just need to plant one more seed and then your part in this is done."

After planting the third berry bush, near the delve boss's location:

Druid Edaen: "Younger Fauns play up here. They'll love these berries!"
Druid Edaen: "Yes! The fruit is starting to bud. How exciting!"

After you have planted all the seeds:

Druid Edaen: "Let's regroup outside Fauns' Thicket. Leave the herd to find the berries on their own."

Talking with Druid Edaen here:

"We planted all the seeds I brought with me. Let's leave and let the Fauns find the berries on their own. I learned long ago that they like to discover food for themselves."

Once you are outside the Thicket, you can talk to Druid Edaen to complete the quest:

"Mohair is really excited. He kept running to each of the berry plants and back to me. I'm pretty sure there are more brambles in his fur than I've ever seen before.
You've made this little Faun very happy. And the herd, too, I suspect!"
Will the Fauns be safe from the wolf pack now?
"Did you hear that Faun's joyful bray? Happy Fauns are hungry Fauns, and they'll discover the plants soon enough. Once the berries become part of their diet, the wolves will leave them alone.
Here. My purse isn't large, but you helped save this herd."

You can continue to speak with her afterwards:

"Thank you again for your help. I can't abide preventable deaths. But now I won't have to imagine Fauns like little Mohair here getting gobbled up by a hungry wolf."
So you're sure the berries will keep the herd safe from the wolf pack?
"As safe as anything that lives in the wild can be.
Mohair and I will come check on the herd every now and then to see how they're getting along. Plant a few more berries if necessary."
You're not going to stay here and keep an eye on them?
"No. The Fauns and wolves need some time to settle in. If we stayed and observed, then I'd be more likely to intervene too early. We'll stay in the area, but I won't check on the herd for a while.
Mohair will let me know if something goes wrong."
How will Mohair know?
"He let me know that the herd was frightened of the wolves. I don't know if he caught a scent or if he heard the Fauns' call from far away.
Fauns are miraculous creatures. Did you know they have magic? I learn something new about them every day."
What will you and Mohair do next?
"We were thinking about heading toward Vastyr. There's always newcomers there to educate about Fauns. Besides, it's been a while since we visited the Vine District and there are some folks who'd love to see how big Mohair's getting."

As you leave, you may overhear the following conversation:

Druid Edaen: "All right Mohair, want to say goodbye to the herd before we leave?"
<Mohair runs inside the Thicket.>
Druid Edaen: "I keep hoping he'll rejoin a herd, but he always comes back to me."