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Deputy Charmax
Home Settlement Koeglin Village
Location Koeglin Village Dock Warehouse
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Deputy Charmax

Deputy Charmax is a Breton deputy found at the docks in Koeglin Village, in front of the Dock Warehouse.


He can be overheard talking with Deputy Surges near the Koeglin Warehouse about the holed up Ember-Eye Slavers:

Deputy Surges: "Any sign of those slavers?"
Deputy Charmax: "No, they've been quiet on this side. Haven't made a move."
Deputy Surges: "Well, be ready. They're desperate in there."
Deputy Charmax: "So when are they going to give us the word? I want to get those bastards."
Deputy Surges: "Do I look like the constable calls me in for planning? I just carry orders."
Deputy Charmax: "All right, sorry. It's not your fault, I know."
Deputy Surges: "Deputy seemed pretty edgy. I think something is going to happen soon."
Deputy Charmax: "Really? Didn't you say that the last time you came by?"
Deputy Surges: "I'm telling you, I think this is it. There's been some stranger around, offering to help. Things are going to happen."
Deputy Surges: "It's quiet on the other side. Still nothing here?"
Deputy Charmax: "No, damnit. It's getting on my nerves."
Deputy Surges: "Don't I know it. Somebody better do something soon."

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