Deathmatch is a Battlegrounds game mode falling into its own category. Its objective is to earn 500 points for one's team by killing opposing players.


As with all other Battlegrounds, Deathmatch features a number of Battleground-specific medals.

Icon Name Points Description
ON-icon-medal-Bruiser.png Bruiser 50 Deal at least 5k damage
ON-icon-medal-Fearsome Fighter.png Fearsome Fighter 100 Deal at least 25k damage
ON-icon-medal-Gladiator.png Gladiator 200 Deal at least 50k damage
ON-icon-medal-Champion.png Champion 400 Deal at least 500k damage
ON-icon-medal-Heavy Hitter.png Heavy Hitter 5* Score a 10k damage hit
ON-icon-medal-Crushing Blow.png Crushing Blow 10* Score a 11.75k damage hit
ON-icon-medal-Minor Mender.png Minor Mender 50 Heal for at least 5k damage
ON-icon-medal-Heroic Healer.png Heroic Healer 100 Heal for at least 25k damage
ON-icon-medal-Medic.png Medic 200 Heal for at least 50k damage
ON-icon-medal-Fearless Physician.png Fearless Physician 400 Heal for at least 375k damage
ON-icon-medal-Critical Heal.png Critical Heal 5* Score a 7.5k healing hit
ON-icon-medal-Rapid Recovery.png Rapid Recovery 10* Score a 15k healing hit
ON-icon-medal-First Strike.png First Strike 111 Earn the 1st killing blow
ON-icon-medal-Assist.png Assist 100* Help a team mate kill an enemy player
ON-icon-medal-Killing Blow.png Killing Blow 100* Earn a killing blow
ON-icon-medal-Double Kill.png Double Kill 222* Kill a player within 10 seconds of a prior kill
ON-icon-medal-Triple Kill.png Triple Kill 333* Kill a player within 10 seconds of earning a Double kill
ON-icon-medal-Quadruple Kill.png Quadruple Kill 444* Kill a player within 10 seconds of earning a Triple kill
*Medal can be earned multiple times per match.


Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Battleground Butcher.png Battleground Butcher 15 Win a Team Deathmatch with 500 points before any other team reaches 200 points.
ON-icon-achievement-Paragon.png Paragon 15 Finish a Team Deathmatch battle with at least eight more kills than deaths.
ON-icon-achievement-Quadruple Kill.png Quadruple Kill 15 Earn your first Quadruple Kill Medal by defeating four opponents in a Team Deathmatch battle, each within ten seconds of the next.
ON-icon-achievement-Charging Champion.png Charging Champion 10 Earn your first Champion Medal by dealing at least 500,000 points of damage in a single Team Deathmatch battle.
ON-icon-achievement-Fearless Physician.png Fearless Physician 10 Earn your first Fearless Physician Medal by healing at least 375,000 points of damage in a single Team Deathmatch battle.


  • As its own Battleground, Deathmatch games have the potential to net Pit Daemon Style style pages.
  • A popular stratagem among players it to move only as a team, only killing opposing players when one's own team intersects with another.