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Bring Siraj's sister news of his fate.
Zone: Stros M'Kai
Quest Giver: Siraj
Location(s): Stros M'Kai
Reward: Very Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: (?)
The quest begins when you find Siraj
In a cave full of plunder, I found a dead man clutching a note to his sister. Though the bracelet accompanying the note has little monetary value, his sister may be glad to have it back.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Find Siraj.
  2. Bring the bracelet and note to Terina.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

On the north part of Stros M'Kai, just west of the Sandy Grotto Wayshrine, there is a small cave containing the body of Siraj. Upon investigating his body, a note will be found that reads,

Sister, you were right. Irila betrayed us. She's dead, but her blade was poisoned. I'm dying.
I pray whoever finds this returns the bracelet to you and tells you of my fate. Reward them.

Terina can be found in Port Hunding sitting by a fountain, not far from Headman Bhosek's Palace. Once you give her the bracelet and note, she will express grief at her brother's death and reward you for bringing the note and bracelet to her.

Quest StagesEdit

Dead Man's Wrist
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
☑Finishes quest I should look for the dead man's sister, Terina. Back in town is the most likely place to start.
Objective: Bring Bracelet and Note to Terina
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