Online:Dala Marys

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Dala Marys
HomeĀ Settlement Narsis
Location Merchants' Stall
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Dala Marys

Dala Marys is a Dunmer found in the town of Narsis. She is fiddling with her cart near the merchants, preparing to leave Narsis with her husband, Evis Marys. She disappears after For Their Own Protection.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

"I told you, we're leaving this forsaken place. I'd rather ....
Wait. You're not my husband! What do you want? Narsis isn't safe, stranger. Not that House Hlaalu cares."
Why wouldn't House Hlaalu care?
"Do the guards search for our missing people? No, because the House councilors don't tell them to.
I'm not going to become a victim. That's why I'm leaving."
Is anyone looking into the disappearances?
"No one does anything in Narsis if the kinhouse doesn't command it. It's that large building over there. You can't miss it
Be careful, outsider. They might decide you're sick. Plague this, plague that! It's their only concern lately."

While investigating the disappearances, you can approach Dala for assistance with your objective.

"Where's my husband? By Vivec's beard, if he's drunk and passed out somewhere, I'll leave without him. That no good, useless, piece of kwama cuttle!
Oh, hello. You haven't seen my husband around, have you?"
I don't think I know your husband.
"Everyone knows my husband. Evis! If he hasn't borrowed something from you or finished off your ash-slake ale, then you're not trying very hard.
He was supposed to be back hours ago. That lazy lout is late."
Any idea where he might be?
"He ships our goods. He mentioned something about a botched delivery that he had to deal with.
You know what he's probably dealing with? His thirst for ale!"
Want me to look for him?
"That would be a big help. I'm sure he's sleeping it off in one of the nearby houses.
I you find an Elf that smells of piss and ale, that' Evis. Tell him to hurry up or he's walking to Mournhold."