Online: People
HomeĀ Settlement Stillrise Village
Race Kothringi Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Dabinukal is a cursed Kothringi found kneeling in Stillrise Village. Like Shaman Chirah, he is one of the villagers dissatisfied with their condition.

Related QuestsEdit


Prior to quest:

"Please... there must be some way to end this."
What can I do for you?
"I cannot speak of this to outsiders. If the rest of the world knew...
No, you must speak to Chieftain Suhlak. She'll decide whether we can trust you or not."

During The Bargain's End:

"Now you see our horror, first hand. You must end this torment! I don't care what happens to us, just so long as this curse ends!
Please, when the time comes, make the right choice!"
What about the rest of the villagers?
"The rest of the village feels the same way! We simply want to rest!
All right, Helushk's crazed warriors seem to enjoy this horrible state, but they're mad! You can't doom the rest of us for their sakes!"