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Councilor Ralden
Home Settlement Narsis
Location Hlaalu Kinhouse
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Hlaalu
Councilor Ralden

Councilor Ralden is a Dunmer councilor of House Hlaalu.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Before starting For Their Own Protection:

"I have much to do. The fate of Narsis hangs in the balance!"

For Their Own ProtectionEdit

When you first see the councilor, he is having an argument with Giron Sadri:

Giron Sadri: "And that's why we should seal the city. We can't allow more afflicted into Narsis."
Councilor Ralden: "That makes perfect sense, old friend, but we can't cut ourselves off from the outside world."
Giron Sadri: "If you truly care about our people, you'll seal Narsis and be done with it. We can't take any more chances."

Speaking to the Councilor:

"I'm sorry you had to witness that. My friend shows great concern for Narsis. Sometimes greater than my own.
What can I do for you?"
I'm curious about the rumors. Do people really vanish from the streets of Narsis?
"You'd think the entire town had disappeared, the way everyone carries on.
People are missing, but Giron has guards looking into the matter. For all we know, they fled to avoid the Llodos plague."
Have the guards made any progress?
"Very little. No one has actually seen any of these people leave Narsis.
And we don't have enough guards to follow up on every lead."
Perhaps I could help.
"I usually don't hire mercenaries, but these are desperate times.
If you can prove these claims aren't just fearful delusions, report back to me immediately. You'll be rewarded."
What were you and Giron arguing about?
"Giron believes we must seal Narsis to protect it from the plague.
Narsis is a center of trade, and such drastic measures aren't called for. Though I admit visitors have been few due to recent events."
What do you plan to do?
"I haven't decided. They say I'm not aggressive enough. That my indecision hurts Narsis.
Perhaps Giron is right. I just don't know."
Tell me about Narsis./What can you tell me about Narsis?
"Ah, Narsis, my beloved city.
At its peak, Narsis was a vibrant center of trade. Merchants would come from far and wide to hawk their wares. Profits grew, and House Hlaalu reinvested it in the city. That seems like so long ago."
Where's the rest of your house?
"Most are back east, dealing with corruption inside Mournhold. Few want to enter a region ravaged by plague.
But I won't give up. I'll weather this storm and lead Narsis back to prominence."

Returning after the investigation:

"You're back. I hope you're here to tell me that my people are just imagining things and everything is fine."
I uncovered some disturbing information.
"What's this? Notes? A journal? Attacked? Slow down.
Hmmm. I've never heard of Vox. And the thought of someone smuggling Llodos plague into Narsis frightens me greatly. But where are the missing people?"

Unwanted GuestsEdit

"This news is very disturbing. I'm at a loss.
People disappear into thin air and someone brought a plague into Narsis? That terrifies me. How could they even accomplish this without our notice?"
What are you going to do?
"I need to seal the city. No one gets in or out. I won't let any more of our people vanish.
Will you perform one more task for us? To facilitate your mission, the guards have been informed that you may come and go as you please."
What do you need?
"Find Giron Sadri. He needs to know what you discovered.
Do whatever he asks. I need to speak with the guards and prepare to seal Narsis."
I'll find Giron.

Speaking to him after this conversation:

"Speak to Giron and take care of anything he asks you to do.
I'll lock down Narsis. The Maulborn won't get near my people."

Hiding in Plain SightEdit

If you chose to help the villagers, the councilor will live. He doesn't have much dialogue, though.

"Giron betrayed me. He killed our people. Put Llodos plague in the corpses. Said it made it more potent. He bled them into the lake."

If you instead completed Ratting Them Out, the councilor will die.

"Giron betrayed me. He killed our people and put Llodos plague into their bodies. Said it made it more potent.
He needed a large supply of potential corpses. That's why he wanted Narsis locked down."
Hang on. Save your strength.
"It's too late for me, but you must listen. Don't let anyone drink the water. The lake must be cleansed.
And I need to tell you about Vox."
"She's their leader. Narsis is only the beginning. They're making Llodos plague in the Gorge. They're going to spread it to … to Mour …."
Hang on, Councilor.

Then the councilor dies.

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