ON-icon-achievement-Discover Locales.png Coldharbour Pathfinder
Type Exploration Achievements
Points 5
Needed for Coldharbour Master Explorer
Discover all of the striking locales in Coldharbour.

Coldharbour Pathfinder is awarded for discovering all of the Striking Locales in Coldharbour.

Striking LocalesEdit


  • Coldharbour's Striking Locales are not easily accessible when you first arrive. The Mages Guild location can be discovered early with some creative rock-climbing. This was also true of the Fighters Guild until a wall was taken down to create the portal to Coldharbour Surreal Estate. Survivor's Camp and Endless Overlook can be reached early only by teleporting to another player in your friends list, group, or guild(s). The Endless Overlook requires you to learn the Endless Stair Wayshrine from another player, as there is no other way to get there without finishing most of the Coldharbour main quest, while the Survivor's Camp can be reached from the Reaver Citadel Wayshrine, Manor of Revelry Wayshrine, The Orchard Wayshrine, or The Chasm Wayshrine.