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Home City Lilmoth
Location Guild Hall
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild

Claws-the-Ghosts is an Argonian mercenary of the Fighters Guild who can be found in the Lilmoth Guild Hall. He is considered by the local argonians to be lukiul.

Related Quests[edit]


"You don't look like you require protection, sharp-tooth. You need something or is this a social call?
And if I killed someone you knew, remember that I'm a mercenary. It wasn't personal. It was just business."
Nesh-Deeka sent me. We're hoping to make a deal with Captain Jimila and we're seeking some advice.
"Nesh-Deeka, the instrument crafter? Interesting.
Sure, I know the Captain. She hires me to escort her around the marsh sometimes. Matter of fact, I provided protection when she was last in port. I heard she's back, but I haven't spoken to her."
Does Captain Jimila hire you for protection often?
"Often enough to put a few meals on the table.
The Captain can handle herself, but she recognizes the value of local talent. Hiring a sellsword like me provides her with someone who speaks the language and knows the native customs."
So how did you impress the Captain and earn her trust?
"I did my job and made sure to follow the Captain's commands to the letter.
Captain Jimila appreciates a no-nonsense approach to my kind of work. I handle the rough stuff, but I never instigate trouble. I solve problems, I don't cause them."
You don't sound like the other Argonians I've spoken to here in Murkmire.
"No surprise there. I'm what the locals call a lukiul Argonian—an out-of-towner. Basically Argonians who leave the swamp and live among the dryskins, as well as those born in other regions."
Are lukiuls treated differently here?
"You get a few suspicious looks from the locals—the Naga in particular. But for the most part, we're more or less left alone.
Honestly, you'd be hard-pressed to find an Argonian in Murkmire who really resents much of anything."
That doesn't sound so bad.
"Yeah, except for the pity everyone shows me. The locals can't imagine life away from the Hist.
I'd be lying if I said there was nothing to it. Out in Alik'r, I rarely even thought about the Hist. Now that I'm here, I actually miss it. It's weird."
Thanks for the information.

If he's spoken to again he will say "Show Captain Jimila strength and that you take your job seriously. That's the way to get on her good side, guaranteed."