Online:Chief Justiciar Carawen

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Chief Justiciar Carawen
Home City Alinor
Location Rinmawen's Plaza
Race High Elf Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Divine Prosecution
Chief Justiciar Carawen

Chief Justiciar Carawen is a High Elf and the senior justiciar of the Divine Prosecution on Summerset Isle who has been tasked with deputizing outsiders to assist with issues that the Divine Prosecution are too busy or overstretched with to respond with to.

She can be found at the small pavilion just north of Rinmawen's Plaza. She serves as an introduction to the daily quests available in Summerset from Justiciars Tanorian and Farowel.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

If you are an Altmer, her greeting will be different:

"So good to see a fellow Altmer step forward in our time of need. You are here about the contract work, I presume?"

If the player is not an Altmer:

"Ah, another ephem. Ever since the Queen's decree, I can't take three steps without bumping into someone who lacks even a drop of Altmer blood. No offense intended, of course.
Shall I presume you're here about the contract work?"
Yes, I'm interested in contract work.
"It's a sad day indeed when the Divine Prosecution requires outside help, but these are tumultuous times. With the army engaged on foreign shores and so many … visitors on our island, our resources are stretched thin.
Hence, the contracts."
What do these contracts require?
"Each assignment varies in scope, but all assume a certain level of danger. Some can be completed alone, but others will need allies to complete.
You'll be asked to dispatch dangerous creatures, investigate suspicious activity, those sorts of tasks."
How often can I complete contracts?
"In accordance with our current regulations, each deputized citizen may accept a single contract from each justiciar every day. You are encouraged, of course, to check back regularly for new assignments.
Does this kind of work appeal to you?"
I'll take on a Divine Prosecution contract.
"Very well. I hereby authorize you to execute duties on behalf of the Divine Prosecution.
Seek Justiciars Farowel and Tanorian for your first assignments. They handle the administration of all contracts."

After completing Divine Deputation:

"Go speak to Farowel and Tanorian. They can set you up with contracts and get you right to work."
Tell me more about the Divine Prosecution.
"The Divine Prosecution is a division of the Queen's Thalmor, charged with enforcing secular and religious law through Summerset. We investigate corruption and crime, and adjudicate legal disputes.
Your assignments will reflect this broad scope."
What kind of assignments can I expect?
"Justiciar Tanorian's contracts can be handled by a single agent, while Justiciar Farowel's assignments require a group to eradicate the dangerous beasts she cares about.
And at some point, talk to Battlereeve Tanerline about specialized missions."