HomeĀ Settlement Crosswych
Location Crosswych Inn
Race Breton Gender Female
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Easy Profession Laborer

Carena is a Breton laborer who can be found in the Crosswych Inn in Crosswych. She keeps the floors upstairs swept and occasionally she'll sneak up to the landing leading to the attic room and has a bit of a drink.


Prior to liberating the town from the Red Rooks, she'll say:

"One of my neighbors got dragged off to work in the mines. Haven't seen her since."
"Crosswych has been through tough times before. We'll survive this. We always do."
"This can't go on. The Red Rooks can't take over Crosswych. It's just not right!"
"I've never lived anywhere but Crosswych. But maybe it's time to move on."

After the town has been freed:

"I prefer to be able to walk the streets without getting harassed by despicable thugs."
"I feel better with these Covenant soldiers here. I hope they stick around for a while."
"The nerve! The Red Rooks went through my cupboards and dressers and took whatever they wanted."
"It will be nice to have things return to normal. Crosswych used to be such a peaceful place."