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Captain Siro
Location Crimson Cove
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health 136153 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Seventh Legion

Captain Siro is an Imperial officer of the Seventh Legion. He is posing as a pirate, and can be found in Crimson Cove. A letter from Septima Tharn can be found on his desk.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

As you enter his chambers, you'll overhear him speaking with Helvia Livianus.

Captain Siro: "I don't give a damn what your cult wants. This is an Imperial mission."
Helvia Livianus: "Careful, Siro. We wouldn't want the Tharns to think you were rude to their guests."
Captain Siro: "Don't think you can threaten me. I've served the Empire loyally for twenty years. I've vacationed with the Tharns!"
Helvia Livianus: "Yes, we're all very impressed."
Captain Siro: "You listen, and you listen well. These Bosmer build walls. Powerful walls. Walls that will keep you safe while we expand our empire. We can't afford to waste them on this Planemeld nonsense your cultists keep babbling about."
Helvia Livianus: "You don't understand its importance because you don't understand the Planemeld. Every soul we use in our ritual brings us closer to joining the realms together. You'll have all the walls you could want, then. Ebon-spired, unbreachable walls."

If Captain Siro dies in combat before Helvia does, she raises his spirit.

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