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Online:Captain Saulinia's Instructions

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Book Information
Captain Saulinia's Instructions
ID 5421
Collection Anequina Archives
Related to The Final Order
Found in the following locations:
Captain Saulinia's Instructions
An officer's orders regarding Sandswirl Manor

By Order of Queen Euraxia

The garrison previously commanded by Prefect Calo is now under my control. Due to his refusal to follow the orders handed down to me directly from Queen Euraxia, Prefect Calo has been found guilty of treason and imprisoned for his insubordination. Effective immediately, all Cygnus Irregulars are to support the efforts of the Euraxian troops under my command.

Due to this development, the doors to the manor's main house will be temporarily sealed to serve as a prison and command center for my senior officers. Once Prefect Calo is transported for sentencing, this restriction will be lifted. If you need access to the manor house during this period, see Lieutenant Talia. For now, she is the only officer who can provide entry to the cellars. From there, you can reach the main levels of the house.

Those soldiers selected to join the assassination squad will receive orders shortly pertaining to our mission to find and terminate the last Dragonguard.

Captain Saulinia