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Captain Gemelle
Location Nilata Ruins
Race Imperial Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Seventh Legion
Captain Gemelle

Captain Gemelle is an Imperial officer of the Seventh Legion looking for her missing soldiers found in her camp near the ruins of Nilata. After all the setbacks her company has faced in Bangkorai], she just wants to take her troops and go home.

Related Quests[edit]


The captain can be first found sitting wounded next to a tent. When spoken to she will plead to not be killed outright.

"Wait! Please, stay your blade and listen."
What's happened here?
"Our orders were to look for Redguard insurgents in these ruins. Sounded simple enough … but then the spiders showed up. Legionnaires disappeared.
By the time we figured out what was going on, two-thirds of my company was gone. Please, help me."
You're an Imperial soldier. Why should I help you?
"We've had our fill of this whole damned campaign. Bangkorai Garrison. Hallin's Stand. Now this sand pit. I'll take my troops and go. It's simple as that. We'll head back to Cyrodiil to fight the real war. You have my word.
Will you help or not?"
Is dialogue different if quest is done before Hallin's Stand is taken back.
All right. I'll do it.
"Take this ice rune. It should make the webs brittle enough for my soldiers to break free. Good luck."
Will you be all right?
"I'll live. Shortly after I sent out my last scout, another one of those damned spiders attacked the camp. I kept it from biting me, but it battered me with its legs.
I just … just need a minute to pull myself together."
Can you tell me more about what happened?
"One by one, my soldiers started complaining about voices … seeing things. At first I thought it was insurgents playing tricks on us. By the time I figured out what was really going on, it was too late."
So what is really going on?
"Well I'm not exactly sure, but I can tell you this—it's more than simple spiders. Something or someone is manipulating these beasts. Manipulating us. This place is evil. I don't intend to stay a minute longer than is necessary to secure my men."

Once her soldiers have been rescued, you can return to tell her the news. You will find her up and about tending to the survivors' injuries.

"My soldiers have been returning one at a time. Some still complain of numbness. Some are half-blind. But they're alive; that's what matters.
Thank you."
You're leaving, right?
"Yes, of course. To Oblivion with this whole campaign folly, and the Seventh Legion.
As you can see, my men are securing their gear and preparing for the march back to Cyrodiil. It's a long journey, but it'll be good to fight where we're needed."

When she is spoken to after completing quest: (?)