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Canonreeve Pinanande
Home Settlement Shattered Grove
House Pinanande's House
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Canonreeve Pinanande
Canonreeve Pinanande petrified

Canonreeve Pinanande is an Altmer, and the administrator of Shattered Grove. She owns a house in the village. She is initially found petrified, like all of the other villagers, but after being returned to normal, she can be found in the center of town.

After you help the town, no matter your choice during the quest, she expresses her gratitude, "Thank you again."

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A Village AwakenedEdit

If you observed her "statue" you will note the following:

"<The statue looks very lifelike.>"

After the Canonreeve and the other villagers are turned back, Anenwen will ask you to speak with Canonreeve Pinanande to explain what Merormo did.

"What? What just happened?"
The animals of the grove grew violent. To protect the village, Merormo turned everyone to stone.
"He did what? Why would he do that?"
[Merormo Lives] He was just trying to keep everyone safe.
"Hhmph. Mages. Fine, fine. Thank you for speaking with me."
[Merormo Dies] It was all his fault. He summoned Daedra to influence the beasts.
"What? Do you have any idea of the seriousness of this accusation?"
You can ask his assistant Anenwen if you don't believe me.
"I can't believe—that little fool! With the Queen traveling the countryside! Do you have any idea what could happen if word that the Grove trucks with Daedra gets out?
If this is true, Merormo must die."

If you chose to let Merormo die, you will witness her sentence him to death, with the sentence carried out immediately:

Canonreeve Pinanande: "Merormo, for your crimes against the laws of the Aldmeri Dominion and nature herself, you are hereby sentenced to death. Guards!"
Warden: "As you ordered, Canonreeve."
Merormo: "I don't want to d—"
Canonreeve Pinanande: "Justice is done."