Online: People
Home City Alinor
Location The Golden Gryphon
Race Altmer Gender Female
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Easy Profession Commoner

Calirririe is an Altmer commoner who can be found at the Golden Gryphon in Alinor, seated and having a drink. She is here with her bodyguard, Anirlo.


"Do not let Anirlo bother you. He merely makes certain no one causes me any trouble.
However, I would recommend you not cause me any trouble."
"I have never understood the idea of a public house, but I think I finally see the appeal. It is like leaving all decorum at the door and letting some beer-soaked beast take the reins. It must be very liberating."
"I came to see how the newcomers are faring with our hospitality. I have not been disappointed by the circus. It's so droll."