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Online: Quests: Daggerfall Covenant / Stros M'Kai
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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Help discover some secrets of the Dwemer.
Zone: Stros M'Kai
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Objective: Bthzark — Discover the buried secrets of Bthzark.
Quest Giver: Neramo, Ellashana, or Andrilion
Location(s): Bthzark
Previous Quest: The Broken Spearhead
Next Quest: The Spearhead's Captain or The Spearhead's Crew
Concurrent Quest: Innocent Scoundrel and Like Moths to a Candle
Reward: Neramo's Staff
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: (?)
"Miraculous. To think that the Dwemer of old Volenfell settled as far as Stros M'Kai!"
A researcher by the name of Neramo is exploring the Dwemer ruins of Bthzark, looking for a way inside.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Neramo outside Bthzark.
  2. Collect the focusing crystals.
  3. Find Neramo at the ruin's entrance.
  4. Repair the generators and speak to Neramo again.
  5. Investigate further into the ruins.
  6. Meet up with Neramo outside Bthzark.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Finding CrystalsEdit

Talk to Andrilion or Ellashana who is west from Port Hunding Wayshrine. He or she tells you to go and talk to Neramo. From there go to Bthzark then talk to Neramo under a tent. He can give you some information about the Dwemer, but doesn't know more than any other researcher. However, he does know there are some secrets in Bthzark and hires you to research with him. From Neramo head west and go up the sand then continue west. Watch out for wolves and beetles as you go. The primary focusing crystal is behind some rocks just through a broken roof. Go back outside and head north you'll run past the entrance to Bthzark ignore it and keep going north. Now go up the stairs into the building and start climbing the stairs inside and you'll find the secondary focusing crystal. Now go to the entrance of Bthzark, go inside and speak with Neramo to give him the crystals.

Dungeon DelvingEdit

Now go through the door and talk to Neramo again. He asks for your help again so agree to help him. He gives you control of his Dwarven spider and asks you to locate some generators. Go down the path fighting Dwarven spiders as you go. The big room you enter has infinitely respawning Spiders. So go down the hall to the east and use the spider on the smoking generator. Read the note on the bench to the left of the generator if you want and then go back to the main room. You can read another note on the desk to the left of the western hall then go down the hall and use the spider on the next generator against the southern wall. Go back to the main room and talk to Neramo. He wants your help yet again so agree to help him. Enter the large door. On the other side you'll find an open chest if you want you can read the note on the bench to the right of the chest. Otherwise go and read the journal against the southern wall near a skeleton. Now you can either go through the doors on the right or left both lead to the same room, but you'll face different obstacles on the way there. The door to the left leads onto a bridge filled with Dwarven vents that will release Dwarven spiders if you don't sneak past them and go through the door at the end. The door on the right leads to a bridge with steam traps, electrical traps and one Dwarven vent trap. Wait till the steam stops then get over it and do the same with the electrical traps at the end just sneak past the vent. Once you make it past all the traps go through the door, run over the next bridge and grab the schematics near the skeleton. Read the note on the counter behind the skeleton or just leave the room via the door down the east passage. Talk to Neramo outside and he'll join Captain Kaleen's crew as well as give you a reward. He will then summon a portal to Port Hunding and leave. You may use the portal and join him.


  • Talking to Andrilion or Ellashana (to start the quest) is optional: you can talk directly to Neramo.

Quest StagesEdit

Buried Secrets
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Neramo requested my help finding some Dwemer crystals outside the ruins of Bthzark.
Objective: Collect Primary Focusing Crystal
Objective: Collect Secondary Focusing Crystal
I have found the crystals Neramo wants. I need to deliver them to him at the entrance to Bthzark.
Objective: Talk to Neramo at Entrance
I delivered the crystals to Neramo. The metal rod he found should now control the Dwarven spider. I should watch to see if it works.
Objective: Observe Neramo's Experiment
Neramo commanded the spider to unseal the door into Bthzark. I should follow him inside to see what the ruin holds.
Objective: Enter Bthzark
Now that we're inside Bthzark, Neramo wants to speak with me.
Objective: Talk to Neramo
Neramo asked me to direct the Dwarven spider to repair two generators inside Bthzark.
Objective: Repair the Eastern Generator
Objective: Repair the Western Generator
Objective Hint: Use Control Rod on Repaired Spider
With the generators repaired, Bthzark springs to life once again. I should meet Neramo to see what else he's uncovered.
Objective: Speak with Neramo in the Central Chamber
Neramo is eager to located rare Dwemer schematics he believes are somewhere in Bthzark. If I find them, he'll be ecstatic. I should head deeper into the ruins.
Objective: Enter the Assembly Chamber
Neramo suspects thieves tried to steal the schematics but may not have escaped Bthzark. The chest that held the schematics is indeed empty. I should search further to see if the thieves made it out or not.
Objective: Search for Dwemer Schematics
Objective Hint: Read the Dead Man's Journal
According to dead man's journal, the rightmost bridge of Bthzark is secured by traps. The leftmost bridge has wards that will summon constructs unless I sneak past them.
Objective Hint: Avoid Traps (Right) or Sneak By Constructs (Left)
I found the schematics by the remains of one of the unfortunate thieves. I should find Neramo and deliver them.
Objective: Talk to Neramo Outside Bthzark
☑Finishes quest I should speak with Neramo about Kaleen's heist. He owes me for helping him in Bthzark.
Objective: Talk to Neramo
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