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This article describes the use of the ESO Build Editor feature of the UESP wiki which permits logged in users to create, edit, save and copy theoretical characters from the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) MMO. See the talk page for discussion about the builder and any issues or bugs you may have found using it. For the combat simulation feature of the editor see Eso Build Editor:Combat Simulation.

Quick GuideEdit

To start creating or editing builds:

Permissions for concerning the editing, creation, and deletion of builds is connected to your UESP Wiki account. For users logged into the Wiki:

  • You can create new builds.
  • You can view anyone's build and change settings but can't save it. You can, however, copy it to a new build that you can save.
  • You can save and delete builds that you've created or uploaded.

For anonymous users not logged into the Wiki:

  • You can view existing and new builds and change their settings but you cannot save or copy builds.

Detailed HelpEdit

The build editor has two main sections: A tabbed interface on the left-hand side where you input all your character details, and the "Computed Character Statistics" list on the right-hand which are the calculated results.

General TabEdit

The general tab holds general character inputs like the character name, race, and class among others as described below.

  • Build Name -- This is the name that is displayed in the list of ESO Build Data. It should be a short name describing the type of build.
  • Character Name -- Optional value of the character's name using the build. This is filled in automatically when you a save an in-game build.
  • Race -- Select your character's race here. Remember to purchase the Racial Skills after changing your race.
  • Class -- Select your character's class here. Changing your class will reset any purchased class skills.
  • Mundus -- The Mundus stone your character uses.
  • Mundus #2 -- The second Mundus stone your character uses. This is enabled if you are wearing 5 pieces of the Twice-Born Star set. It cannot be the same as your first Mundus.
  • Level -- Your character's level from 1 to 50. This will mainly change your ability costs and the base values of some calculated statistics. Note that levels less than 50 have not been well tested.
  • Total CPs -- The total number of champion points earned by the character. It is this value that determines your character's "CP Level" and not the number of CPs purchased in the "CP" tab. As of Update 29 in March of 2021, the CP cap is 3600.
  • Effective Level -- This is a computed value based from your level and CP level from 1 to 66 (as of Summer 2016).
  • Vampire Stage -- Select the relevant stage if you wish to become a Vampire. Note that you can purchase Vampire skills even when not a Vampire but you won't receive the innate Vampire buffs.
  • Werewolf Stage -- Select the relevant stage if you wish to become a Werewolf. Note that you can purchase Werewolf skills even when not a Werewolf but you won't receive the innate Werewolf buffs.
  • Stealthed -- When this option is chosen your character stats will be as if you are sneaking/hidden (assuming you have the relevant skills purchased).
  • Alliance -- Your character's alliance. Irrelevant for your stats but is saved automatically when saving a build in-game.
  • Attributes -- Choose your distribution of 64 attributes between Health, Magicka, and Stamina. Currently you always have 64 attributes regardless of your selected level.
  • Target Stats -- The values in this section are optional and are only used in a couple of computed statistics to simulate attacking/defending an NPC/player. The default values are for your typical PVE dungeon boss.
  • Flat Penetration -- Your target's flat penetration value (ex: Sharpened Weapons).
  • % Penetration -- Your target's percent penetration value (ex: Destruction Penetrating Magic passive).
  • % Critical Damage -- Your target's critical damage bonus from 0 to 100%. Note that PVE mobs cannot crit so this is only relevant for PVP. Default critical damage for players is 50%.
  • % Defense Bonus -- Your target's percentage defense bonus (ex: Elemental Defender CP).
  • % Attack Bonus -- Your target's percentage attack bonus (ex: Elemental Expert CP).
  • % Critical -- Your target's chance for a critical attack from 0 to 100%. Note that PVE mobs cannot crit so this is only relevant for PVP.
  • Resistance -- Your target's spell/physical resistance value. Default value for most vet dungeon bosses is 18200.
  • Flat Crit Resist -- Your target's critical resistance value (ex: Impenetrable items). Relevant only for PVP.
  • % Crit Resist -- Your target's percentage critical resistance (ex: Resistant CP).
  • Miscellaneous Stats -- Other stats which don't fit in elsewhere.
  • Spell/Ability Cost -- This value is only used for the "Magicka Ability Cost" and "Stamina Ability Cost" computed statistics.

Items TabEdit

The items tab lets you equip any piece of armor, jewelry, weapon, and food/drink in the game very much like you do in-game. To choose an item:

  • Click on an item slot to view the popup item search.
  • Use the "Unequip Item" to clear that item slot
  • Use one or more of the shown search options and hit the "Search" button to find matching items.
  • Currently only a maximum of 100 matching items are shown to make the search results faster. Use more specific search criteria to help limit your search results.
  • Browse the search you hover the mouse over a row you will see an item tooltip popup.
  • Click on a desired item to select it.
  • To cancel hit the "ESC" key or click anywhere outside of the search window.

Once you select an item your computed statistics will be updated in a few seconds once the item data is retrieved from the server. You can similarly search for an select enchantments by clicking on the "*" button next to each item slot. Note that the disabled status is not saved. The active weapon bar can be switched by clicking on the desired weapon row outside of the item slots.

Food/Drink can be searched for and selected in a similar manner as regular items. Note that some food/drink that scale with levels (like Orzoga's or Crown Store items) will be found as Level 1 items and will display CP 160 values.

Other notes regarding items are below:

  • Temporarily disable an item by clicking on the "-" button next to the item slot. This is considerably more convenient that having to unequip an item and then re-searching/selecting it again.
  • The "..." button next to each item slot displays details on what stats that item contributes in addition to other item details.
  • When you change items the selected enchantment for that slot is kept for the new item. Unequip the enchantment in the search window if you wish to reset it.
  • Poisons currently cannot be selected and have no effect on the computed statistics anyways.
  • All possible items can be found in the item search popup, including those which cannot be actually obtained in-game (Gold Willpower jewelry for example).

Sets TabEdit

The sets tab shows you details on all worn item sets as well as letting you toggle certain set effects. Most set effects are automatically enabled as you equip the relevant number of set pieces. There are some set effects, however, which are not always "on" and you may wish to test both enabled and disabled (ex: Moleg Kena, Spell Power Cure, etc...). Any such set effect will be listed in the set tab. Simply click it to enable it and the computed values will be automatically updated.

Skills TabEdit

The skills tab lets you purchase ultimates, active, and passive skills and add skills to your skill bars just like in-game. To purchase skills simply browse the skill tree by clicking on the skill type and skill line tree on the left hand side and use the "+" button to the left of each skill and select the desired skill rank. Use the "Refund Ability" option when purchasing skills to reset that particular skill. You can quickly purchase all skills in a skill line by using the "Purchase Line" button in the top-right corner of the skill window. Similarly, the "Reset Line" button resets all skills in the currently disabled skill line. The "Reset All Skills" button underneath the skill type list will reset all purchased skills.

To add a skill to your skill bar simply drag a purchased ultimate/active skill to the desired location. Skills can be dragged between slots on either skill bar if you wish to move them. Drag a skill off of the bar and drop it anywhere on the page to remove it from the skill bar. The active skill bar can be selected by clicking on the bar. Note that this also changes your active weapon on the item tab.

Details on each skill can be seen by clicking on the "..." button to the right of each skill. This displays a popup window showing skill data as well as specific modifiers to the skill tooltip. The skill tooltip, displayed when you hover over a skill icon, is updated by your equipped items, CPs, and buffs to what it should be in-game. Similarly, the ability cost is updated based on your items, and CPs, and buffs....

Buffs TabEdit

The buffs tab shows a list of predefined buffs that you can add to your character. Simply click the desired buffs to enable/disable it. Buffs are listed as their in-game name. For example, your typical tri-stat potion uses the Major Endurance, Major Fortitude, and Major Intellect buffs.

Some buffs may be automatically enabled depending on your purchased skills or skill bar (ex:Major Prophecy given by the Inner Light skill). These buffs cannot be disabled.

There are some buffs identified with the "(Target)" prefix that are applied to your target instead of your character.

Some buffs will only appear if you are wearing the relevant item/set or have purchased the relevant ability and slotted it on your active skill bar.

A few details on specific buffs:

  • Spell Power Cure -- This is to simulate someone in your group wearing the SPC set and having it proc on you.
  • Weapon Damage Enchantment -- This buff can be selected whether you are actually using the enchantment or not. The exact buff value is updated when you apply a Weapon Damage Enchantment (uses a default value for a Gold CP160 Glyph).
  • Warhorn -- Only the +10% Max Stats is included in this buff. Use the separate "Major Force" buff for the +30% Critical Damage.
  • Empower -- This buff will increase the tooltip of most single target damage spells. It might affect some abilities that are not actually affected in-game.
  • Battle Spirit -- Use this buff to simulate being in Cyrodiil.

Champion Points (CPs) TabEdit

The CPs tab lets you choose your character's champion point distribution. Simply select the desired tree and edit the CP skill points in one of several ways:

  • Click the input box and use the keyboard to enter a value from 0 to 100.
  • The +/- buttons on each side of the input box.
  • Hold SHIFT while clicking the +/- button to change values by 10.
  • Hover over an input box use the mouse scroll wheel to change the value.

CP passives are unlocked automatically at the relevant purchased points. You can reset all skills within a discipline by using the "Reset Discipline" button in the lower right or reset all purchased CPs by using the "Reset All" button underneath the CP constellation list on the left.

Note that currently there are no set limits on the number of CPs you can purchase like there are in-game.

Raw Data TabEdit

The raw data tab shows you a list of all the various character data inputs sorted by statistic. This lets you see exactly what is contributing to a particular statistic.

If an effect is missing in this list, or is shown incorrectly it may be to due to a bug so just let us know.

Help TabEdit

The help tab simply shows some very basic help tips for using the editor as well as a history of major work done and known bugs.

Computed StatisticsEdit

The Computed Character Statistics list is shown on the right-hand of the screen and lists all the various statistics as calculated from the inputs entered on the left-hand sections. It is updated automatically whenever you change an input value. Important and more commonly used statistics are shown higher up in the list.

If you click on a computed statistic row it will shown more details on the statistic calculation below the row. Even more details can be seen by clicking on the "..." button on the right of the stat. This will show you the complete formula as well as all input values used to compute it. You can change the values within this window for testing purposes but this will not change any value once the window is closed.

Some statistics have a red "?" mark displayed next to them which indicates a known bug related to that stat (either a bug with the editor or an actual in-game bug). Click that red "?" to display the details popup window which will show a more detailed error message related to the bug.

Some more details on certain statistics:

  • Effective Spell/Weapon Power -- This is a custom stat that is meant to represent your potential DPS output. Raising this value by X% means your DPS should be approximately X% more.

Known IssuesEdit

Can't Save Build (Error Saving Build)Edit

  • Try deleting the uesp_net_wiki5_session cookies in the and domains and reload the page.
  • Delete all cookies and relogin.
  • Make sure you are using the same HTTP or HTTPS protocols when you login and when using the editor.

Can't Edit or Delete a Build you Created

  • If you don't seem to have access to edit/delete a build you created/copied create a post on the talk page and an admin can help you sort out the problem.

Pauses When Editing or Slow Updates

  • Some browsers, notably IE, as well as some older/outdated versions of many popular browsers have poor JavaScript engines which can result in noticeable pauses of several seconds when the computed statistics are recalculated. Most modern web browsers should all perform similarly such as:
  • Firefox and its derivatives including the Tor Browser
  • Google Chrome/Chromium and its derivatives (MS Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, etc.)
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Make sure your browser is updated to its latest version.
  • In general, if using a current modern browser, the speed of your computer (CPU & Memory) will have a larger impact than the choice of browser.