Dwemer Ruin:
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Tempered Sphere
Dwarven Spider, Guardian Spider
Stros M'Kai
Western Stros M'Kai

Bthzark is a Dwemer ruin in western Stros M'Kai. It is located west of Port Hunding. Wolves and assassin beetles lurk outside the ruin. A chest can spawn along the cliff south of the ruin's front entrance.

Related QuestsEdit

Outside Bthzark Mine
  • Bthzark Objective: Discover the buried secrets of Bthzark.
  • The PrecursorClockwork City: Assist an Apostle in reassembling an ancient factotum with pieces from all across Tamriel.Clockwork City


Inner BthzarkEdit

This location consists of two bridges that cross over the dunes of western Stros M'Kai. Both lead to the same place. If you take the eastern door and cross the eastern bridge, you'll encounter nine vents, each with a Guardian Spider in it. You'll have to fight these spiders to enter the mine on the other side. If you take the western bridge, you'll be navigating steam traps instead.

Bthzark MineEdit

The Tempered Sphere awaits on the southern side of this room. Two Dwarven spiders dwell here; one is on the right as you cross the lava river in the middle of the mine, and the other is by the exit door, which lies through a tunnel to the southeast.


  • The door will be locked until opened during Buried Secrets.
  • The normal enemies inside Bthzark, as well as those outside near the entrance (e.g. wolves), have a chance to drop the Antiquity lead for Worn Dwarven Gears.
  • Bthzark first appeared in Redguard, albeit without a name.


A map of Bthzark
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