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Brother Samel
Home Settlement Iliath Temple
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Tribunal Temple

Brother Samel is a Dunmer Tribunal priest found at the Iliath Temple.

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Brother Samel: "Curate! Curate!"
Brother Samel: "Ashlanders have tunneled under the walls!"
"We're all doomed. Almalexia save us!"
Calm down. What happened?
"The Ashlanders are inside the temple. They've broken through an old storage tunnel under the hillside.
We'll all be killed!"
Where did they tunnel in?
"They got in behind the temple building to the southwest. Ordinator Nethis has taken command of its defenses. Even with the spirits and healed soldiers, I fear we'll be overrun.
This is a fight for our lives!"
You warn the guards. I'll help the Ordinators.
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