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Bramblebreach Militia
Home Settlement Bramblebreach
Location Wood Orc camp in front of Gurzag's Mine
Race Bosmer Gender Varies
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Medium Profession Warrior
Bramblebreach Militia

Bramblebreach Militia are generic Bosmer found in Bramblebreach. They will participate in wiping out the Wood Orc camp near town.


They talk about how the guardians have made quick work of the Wood Orcs.

"The guardians just ripped the rest of the Wood Orcs to shreds. I swear—it's just incredible to watch them work."
"Can you feel it? With the Wood Orcs gone, it's like the forest is breathing a huge sigh of relief."
"You know what stinks? Dead Orcs. We're going to have to haul all the bodies off and burn them. Otherwise, we'll never get their stench out of this part of the forest."
"The guardians were amazing! I know you helped too, of course."
"So you killed Chieftain Thragdosh? I sure would have liked to watch that."


  • Some militia members say "lurcher" in place of "guardian" whenever they're mentioned in dialogue.
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