Location Rink of Frozen Blood, Maelstrom Arena
Species Giant
Health Normal137943Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile

Bor is a giant encountered during the fourth round of the Rink of Frozen Blood inside the Maelstrom Arena. He fights beside Auroral Guardians.

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Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As giants are considered elite enemies, Bor is immune to all forms of crowd control effects.

A basic melee attack that does moderate physical damage.
A basic melee attack that does moderate physical damage.
The giant swings its club, sending three shockwaves along the ground in front of him. This attack does moderate physical damage to all enemies hit by it.
The giant smashes the ground with its club, doing high physical damage as well as stunning all enemies as indicated by a red cone.


  • "Agag gor yarg!"
  • "Yar gor garag!"
  • "Gorag gar!"
  • "Yar gor garag!"


  • His dialogue is in an unknown language, possibly Giantish.
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