Online: Creatures
Location Ash Mountain
Species Flame Atronach
Health 127,470
Reaction Hostile until bound, then Friendly

Blaze is one of the two flame atronach guardians needed to seal Balreth inside Ash Mountain. Its counterpart is Ragebinder

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Quest Related EventsEdit

Restoring the GuardiansEdit

During this quest, you must summon Blaze to bind it and seal Balreth. When it is first summoned, Blaze is upset.

Blaze: "somehow missed that"

Upon defeat:

Blaze: "I shall assist you, as long as it pleases me."

The Death of BalrethEdit

Blaze: "Ah, Balreth. Again."

After being summoned for the last time to bind Balreth within Ash Mountain, Ragebinder and Blaze turn on you. Before they have the chance to burn you and Garyn to a crisp, the spirit of Mavos Siloreth, the one who originally bound Balreth, appears to save you.

Garyn Indoril: "You did it! The guardians are here! What are they waiting for?"
Ragebinder: "What will you do now, worms?"
Blaze: "Mortals, burn in my flames unending!"
Mavos Siloreth: "Daedra! Hear me! Return to your purpose."
Mavos Siloreth: "Balreth cannot walk the world of mortals. You must cage him again!"
Ragebinder: "We obey."
Blaze: "Forgive us, mortal master."
Mavos Siloreth: "Fulfill your ancient vows. Imprison Balreth!"