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Online:Bittergreen the Wild

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Bittergreen the Wild
Location Caravan Crest
Species Guar
Health 1,846,117 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Bittergreen's Scale of Mother's Sorrow
Bittergreen the Wild

Bittergreen the Wild is a giant guar found roaming Caravan Crest. It is still wearing the trappings of a pack animal, though it appears to have gone rogue and slaughtered the merchants it served. It has an attack that launches in multiple directions and knocks players over, and the ability to summon spriggans to help it fight.

She can also be encountered as a boss in the Infinite Archive.

Bittergreen being empowered by a Spriggan

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Guar Stomp
Bittergreen jumps up and stomps, on the ground, sending quakes sprawling out in front of it in three directions, causing knock down and very high damage. The wind-up is very short, making the attack difficult to avoid.
Summon Spriggans
Bittergreen calls a group of spriggans in to help heal it. They will focus on assisting Bittergreen instead of attacking you directly.


There is one Achievement associated with this creature:

Achievement Points Description
    Bittergreen Obliterator 5 Kill the giant guar, Bittergreen the Wild, at Caravan Crest.


  • According to the patch notes for Update 12, Bittergreen the Wild is female. She was also driven mad by a grove which also empowered her.