Elder Scrolls Online: Classes

Beastcallers are a class of hostile, humanoid NPCs who attack using melee and magical abilities. They are usually equipped with a sword and shield. The class was introduced in Morrowind as the NPC version of the Warden player class.

Types of WardensEdit

Location Name Race Gender Health
Vvardenfell (near Molag Mar) Red Exile Handler Dunmer Varies 29870
Falkreath Hold Dreadhorn Wildtamer Breton Varies Normal78586Veteran78586
Moongrave Fane Hollowfang Beastmaster Khajiit Varies Normal78586Veteran78586

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


A ranged attack where a swarm of spectral fetcherflies is thrown at the target, dealing damage over time.

Summon Feral GuardianEdit

Summons a Feral Guardian.


Sends a cliff racer diving towards you.

Subterranean AssaulEdit

Summons a Haj Mota that digs towards you and causes magic damage, knocking you back.

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