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Baren Maloren
Location Helan Ancestral Tomb
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Baren Maloren

Baren Maloren is a Dunmer found at Helan Ancestral Tomb.

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During your investigations for the Bouyant Armigers, you'll find yourself alone inside the Helan Ancestral Tomb, or so you thought:

"Don't hurt me! Please!"
Calm down. I'm here to help.
"You weren't followed? Were you? The Ruddy Man hunts us. It lives again!
It attacked our camp last night, tore poor Ilver's head off. Right in front of me! I ran as fast as I could, and I hid, in here."
Ruddy Man? What is that?
"The spawn of Vivec and Molag Bal? The dread hunter wearing the ancient carapace? Have you read nothing of the sermons?
It devoured all it saw until Vivec cast it down! Twice over! But it lives again! You have to believe me!"
Do you know where I can find this "Ruddy Man" now?
"I—no … when I saw it, I ran and never looked back.
Wait—it lunged from the rocks above—the glass mine! We were near the glass mine when it descended on us!"
Follow me. I'll lead you out of here, safely.
Baren Maloren: "Watch for traps! I hoped they'd kill it, not us."

Lead him back to the entrance and he'll say:

Baren Maloren: "I thought I'd never see the sky again. Thank the Three! Thank you!"

Once outside, Baren will recoil to the site of Ibaal:

Baren Maloren: "Ah! An Ashlander! Run friend!"
Baren Maloren: "I'm sorry! I just want to go home!"

Baren will then run off and fade into the distance.

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