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Daedric Ruin:
Bal Ur
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Discoverable No
Bal Ur: Captain Cedus (Quest-related)
Iron Hound Alchemist, Iron Hound Archer, Iron Hound Bruiser, Iron Hound Ravager, Iron Hound Stalker
Bal Ur Underground: Phylaraak
Clannfear, Scamp
Ascadian IslesVvardenfell
North of Suran
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This ancient shrine was the primary focus of the worship of Molag Bal by the Dark Elves of Vvardenfell in the days of old Resdayn—though even then the Lord of Domination was not so much worshiped as placated.
Bal Ur shrine

Bal Ur is a Daedric ruin dedicated to Molag Bal found in the Ascadian Isles region of Vvardenfell, north of Suran.

Interior of Bal Ur

A group of Iron Hound mercenaries, led by Captain Cedus, are camped in the exterior ruins, as well as the first section of the interior. Deeper underground, Daedra patrol the path to the shrine of Molag Bal, which contains the Stone of Bal Ur.

It is not marked on the map, but is one of the locations you need to visit for the Daedric Explorer achievement. There are small passive critters including fiendroths, shroom beetles, and skavengers found at the site of the ruins.

Related QuestsEdit


Bal UrEdit

The first chamber is a rectangular room with a pool of lava and an inactive blood fountain in the center. Pennants with Molag Bal's heraldry are hung all around the room. There are two Iron Hounds standing at a table on the east side of the room, near the entrance. Two more Iron Hounds are enjoying a meal at the table in the northwestern corner of the room.

A door on the north side of the first room leads to Bal Ur Underground.

Bal Ur UndergroundEdit

You'll find yourself in a short Daedric hallway which leads to an underground tunnel. Three Iron Hounds stand the vanguard before a wooden barricade in the center of this hallway. A scamp is running back and forth through the tunnel, occasionally stopping in front of the barricade to assault it with a barrage of fireballs.

Daedra inhabit the tunnel ahead. You'll face scamps and green clannfear. A watcher named Phylaraak stands guard over the doorway leading to the northernmost chamber. The northern room is a natural cavern. It consists of a linear path that passes over a pool of lava. A statue of Molag Bal lies at the end of the path. You'll find the Stone of Bal Ur at the base of the statue. Lava pools into the room from vents in the back walls.


Achievement Points Description
   Daedric Explorer 10 Visit all of the Daedric ruins in Vvardenfell.



A map of Bal Ur