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This article is about the Prowler crewmember. For the crazed insect enthusiast, see Bakhig.

Location Shattered Shoals, Vulkhel Guard Anvil
Ship The Prowler
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly/Justice Neutral (see notes)
Pickpocket Medium Profession Soldier

Bakhig-ja is a Khajiit soldier who can be found in various locations such as Shattered Shoals and Vulkhel Guard.


Shattered Shoals[edit]

While the Prowler is stuck on the Shattered Shoals, he will move back and forth between reporting to Quartermaster Oblan:

Bakhig-ja: "Those damned Sea Vipers still watching us? 'Course they are."
Bakhig-ja: "We'll finish repairs by high tide. We've got to."
Bakhig-ja: "The Prowler will float … but I can't promise more than that."
Bakhig-ja: "Still need more supplies."

And giving instructions to Zeriba:

Bakhig-ja: "Make sure you check the hull for holes!"
Zeriba: "I know what I'm doing!"
Bakhig-ja: "Don't let those mudcrabs get into he hold!"
Zeriba: "Just do your own work, Bakhig-ja!"
Bakhig-ja: "Careful! She's listing!"
Zeriba: "I'll be done soon!"
Bakhig-ja: "Suhr's inside, if you need help!"
Zeriba: "Get me some more tar, will you?"


  • Bakhig-ja is usually Friendly in each of his locations and thus cannot be killed. However, he is Justice Neutral in Anvil.
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