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Location S'rendarr's Cradle
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Azdanati is a Khajiit adept who can be found sweeping on the grounds of the S'rendarr's Cradle adeptorium.


If spoken to before completing In Sickness and In Health:

"I took a vow of charity and simplicity when I donned these robes, but water is not a luxury! My tongue is parched, and my habit is filthy. We must have water, rhook. We must!"
"I do not know how much longer I can stand this drought. Sipping from thimbles is all well and good for ja'khajiit, but a cat of my years could drop dead from such a shortage!
We must deal with this. S'rendarr does for those who do for themselves."

After you have restored the water flow:

"Thank you for restoring the water, walker.
The loss of Silhu-jo … it pains me. It pains all of us. Yes, he fell short of perfect virtue, but so do we all. To think otherwise is sinful pride. Remember that."
"You answered our prayers in restoring the water. Now, it seems we have a great deal more praying to do.
At least we can do it in clean clothes."
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