Online:Aza gra-Birgo

Elder Scrolls Online: People / Vendors
Aza gra-Birgo
Home City Sentinel
Store Fighters Guild
Race Orc Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Armsman
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild
Aza gra-Birgo

Aza gra-Birgo is an Orc armsman member of the Fighters Guild found upstairs at the hall in Sentinel.


She expresses her frustrations if the dock is still overrun with Ra-Netu.

"Mauloch's teeth, I can't believe Hareld is keeping us away from the docks.
I thought when I joined the Fighters Guild I'd actually, you know, fight."

Her greeting changes after Rise of the Dead is complete. If you're part of the guild, she says:

"Welcome to Sentinel, grunt. I wish I could have gotten some of that action on the docks. But, you know—politics.
Take a moment to look around. We've got all the tools of the trade. Point one out and we'll make a deal."