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Home Settlement Morkul Stronghold
Location Outside Clan Longhouse
Race Orc Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Arushna is an Orc durzog trainer staying at Morkul Stronghold.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Speaking to her initially:

"There aren't a lot of people with the patience to train a Durzog, or the strength to survive the experience. But there's something about you .... If you ever get tired of wandering around stabbing things, you might give it a try."

Getting a Bellyful[edit]

After receiving the daily contract from Guruzug, you can ask Arushna more about the task at hand.

"So, you're going back into the Kennel for me? Good, good. Just make sure you don't end up as durzog food yourself."
Guruzug says you need food for durzogs?
"Not just any food.
Look, the first thing you need to know about durzogs is that they're survivors. They can live on practically anything. By Mauloch, those ugly little Riekr feed their durzogs nothing but horker gristle and old bones!"
If that's true, why do you need special food?
"Do you even need to ask? You've seen the Kennel's durzogs. They're massive! I've used every meat and herb I can think of and I can't raise a beast even half that size.
I'm done trying to figure it out. I'm an animal-handler, not a chef."
I'm told you want me to kill Nikolvara the Durzog Whistler too.
"Yes. Put that Nord witch in the ground.
I welcome a little friendly competition, but Nikolvara is giving all durzog trainers a bad name. And, since there aren't many of us, that means she's giving me a bad name. That's something I can't abide."

When you have carried out the tasks and return to Arushna, she will welcome you back.

"Glad to see you back—and with only a few bite marks, too. I'll admit it, I'm impressed.
Any luck in the Kennel?"
Yes, I found your durzog feed and killed Nikolvara the Durzog Trainer.
"What a relief. Getting folks to trust durzogs is hard enough without some half-crazed Nord sicking them on people.
I'll put this food to good use. If you meet anyone who's in the market for a good strong hound, you send them my way, all right?"