Online: People
Location Merchant's Gate
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Eyes of the Queen

Aroz'lai is a Khajiit and member of the caravan that was attacked by the Winterborn Reachmen near the Merchant's Gate. She is the author of Meet the Character - Eveli Sharp-Arrow, where it reveals she is a member of the Eyes of the Queen in Wrothgar.


"You arrived at an unfortunate time, my friend. The Reach has already pillaged our wagons, as you can plainly see."
"The poor Orcs! This one hopes that Chief Bazrag can save them, but the Winterborn seemed so determined."
"This one has the luck of Two Moons. The Orc peasants? Not so much."
"This one has never seen anything like it! Fierce Winterborn warriors shouting the name Urfon Ice-Heart over and over. It was terrifying!"