Online:Armiger Ferasi

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Armiger Ferasi
Home Settlement Molag Mar
Location The Penitent Pilgrim Inn
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Medium Profession Soldier
Other Information
Faction(s) Buoyant Armigers
Armiger Ferasi

Armiger Ferasi is a Dunmer soldier who can be found at The Penitent Pilgrim Inn in Molag Mar.


If engaged in conversation, he will say:

"I hate garrison duty. It's an armiger's lot to charge into danger, not hide behind walls."
"What kind of example do I set? Lolling about this canton. I've read every book in this place and paced every corridor a hundred times. It's not what the Warrior-Poet would do."
"I'm going to go mad if I have to spend another day holding down this canton. Problems abound and my orders are to stand around. That's no way to emulate the Warrior-Poet!"
Why so restless?
"Captain Naros stationed me to the canton indefinitely. I told her I'm fit for duty, but she won't budge. I can't even pretend not to look bored at this point."
Were you injured?
"Clipped in the knee by a lucky dreugh in the mine. I might have gotten ahead of the cordon. By a good bit. But I'm up on my feet again and ready to serve!"

If you have not completed An Armiger's Duty:

If you got yourself injured, she's probably against you rushing back into danger.
"It was just a minor wound! She's overreacting. I mean, if those Ashlanders attack, more pilgrims will be in danger, right? So who's really taking the risk here?
No point in arguing, though. It's her call."

If you have completed An Armiger's Duty:

With the Ashlanders leaving and the dreugh problem contained, you aren't missing much.
"See! I missed out on the most excitement this post has seen in years! Ugh, just leave me here to wallow!"