Online:Argonian Wrangler

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Argonian Wrangler
Location Ruins of Mazzatun, Stone Stockade
Race Argonian Gender Female
Health Normal13753Veteran36860
Reaction Neutral
Other Information
Faction(s) Xit-Xaht
Argonian Wrangler

Argonian Wranglers are Argonians that appear in the Ruins of Mazzatun, holding wamasus by their chains in Xal-Nur the Slaver's arena. Killing them will free the wamasu, allowing them to pick off the adds that spawn during Swamp Spice phase and making the fight easier. They cannot attack you, as they are busy trying to hold their wamasu.

Related QuestsEdit

  • ON-qico-Group Area.pngSap and Stone: Eliminate the Xit-Xaht threat in the Ruins of Mazzatun.