Online:Arelvam Llenim

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Arelvam Llenim
Home Settlement Lilmoth
Location Lilmoth Outlaws Refuge
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Arelvam Llenim

Arelvam Llenim is a Dunmer who can be wandering around the upper level of the Lilmoth Outlaws Refuge. He spends most of his time sitting in a chair near Wuleen-Weska.


"Make no mistake. I may be in Murkmire, of all places, but I still do not wish to speak with one of your kind.
Leave me."
"If one more of these fetching lizards calls me their beeko .... I am not, nor will ever be, a friend to these s'wits."
"The bounties on my head may be numerous, but still. Is it worth it to live out the rest of my days in this disgusting swamp? Not to mention all the lizards swarming around."
"To end up in Black Marsh, of all places. What a horrible shame.
Ah, well. It should only be for a little while longer. I just have to wait until things cool down back in Vvardenfell. Then I'll be on my very merry way."