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Elder Scrolls Online: People
Ansei Halelah
Location Motalion Necropolis
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Ansei Halelah

Ansei Halelah is the spirit of a Redguard Ansei first encountered at the Motalion Necropolis.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Amputating the HandEdit

After you have defeated Shiri and Suturah, Ansei Halelah will appear:

Ansei Halelah: "It is done. Alik'r is safe again. Come, hero. Gather my ward."

Speaking to her before you pick up the ward:

"To all things, there is a beginning and an end. Remember this."

Once you have picked up the Ansri Ward, you speak to Halelah before leaving the crypt.

"Our power—the power of the Ansei Wards—was compromised, and the Alik'r desert was in grave danger … but you stepped in.
You stopped the necromancers and the Alik'r desert is again safe from the risen dead."
What do we do now?
"The Ansei Wards must be returned to Sentinel for safekeeping. Then we can return to our vigil. Then we can again protect the Alik'r."
I will return the wards to Sentinel then.
"You will. Come out of the crypt. I will help you and your friends return to Sentinel quickly."

When you are outside, Halelah will appear and create a portal beside her:

Ansei Halelah: "I have opened a portal to Sentinel. You three may enter, but I must speak with your friend."

While your three companions enter the portal, talk with Ansei Halelah.

"Honor and Faith are due all, but you who have come from afar … your contribution is matched in measure only by the length of your journey.
Thank you."
You are welcome, Ansei Halelah.
"Through you, the Ansei Wards have been recovered, and so it will be through you they are restored."

She will hand you a necklace and you can continue to speak with her.

Restoring the Ansei WardsEdit

If you haven't started the quest, she will say "Come to me, wayfarer."

Speaking to her: There is one more thing to do before being truly finished.

"You have accomplished a heroic feat today, but there is more to be done."
What would you have me do?
"Return the Ansei Wards to their rightful place—the Impervious Vault. The vault is stronger, and it will protect the wards so that we can again protect the Alik'r.
I have opened this portal to the vault. You may use it if you wish."
I will return to the Impervious Vault.

Once you have reached the Vault, people from all around the Alik'r will have gathered there. King Fahara'jad will give you the honor of restoring the Wards. As you do so, the three Ansei Spirits will appear kneeling in front of wards. You can then speak with Halelah.

"The Wards are restored and so are we. We can again maintain vigil over the living and the dead, and ensure that both adhere to the divine laws of Tu'whacca.
Your role in this has not gone unnoticed, young one."
Is it finished, then?
"For us, it is never finished, but for you, your road leads elsewhere.
You have done for Alik'r far more than many others would have. You have fought bravely, sacrificed honorably; you have acted as an Ansei would have."
Where do I go now?
"Your path is your own, but be assured, Tu'whacca has blessed you, and wherever you go, the gods will be with you.
Remain steadfast, mortal, and may you come safely to your journey's end."
Thank you, Ansei Halelah.

She will then disappear along with the other two Ansei.