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Andilo Barus
Home City Vivec City
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Medium Profession Artisan
Andilo Barus

Andilo Barus is a Dunmer artisan who can be found in Vivec City. He is one of the laborers tasked with building Vivec City.


"I haven't seen Lord Vivec in days. Do you think we've disappointed him? We're all trying our best, I swear it by the Three!"
"I've never worked so hard in all my days, but Lord Vivec's worth it. I'm helping make the greatest city in the whole of Nirn!"

When you have completed the main questline for Morrowind:

"Lord Vivec actually spoke to you! Spoke! To you! Do you know how lucky you are? If I work harder, perhaps he'll speak to me too!"
"Don't worry about Baar Dau, Lord Vivec has it all under control again. In fact, I was never frightened at all!"

You can ask more about his work:

What's it like building the city?
"This, my friend, is the start of a legacy for not only Vivec, but for us all! What an honor! What a privilege! My work is tribute to part of the Tribunal. I couldn't be happier with my work right now."