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Ancient Spirit
Location Ezduiin, Tanzelwil
Race Altmer Gender Varies
Health Varies
Reaction Varies
Other Information
Condition Spirit

Ancient Spirits are found at various locations across Auridon.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

In the Name of the QueenEdit

At Tanzelwil, you will have to assist to priestesses with their rituals, in preparation for the Queen's own ritual.

Western Ritual Site

After defeating the enraged spirit, Priestess Aranwen will pray at the nearby altar and an Ancient Spirit will appear.

Priestess Aranwen: "May the spirits of our ancestors bless and guide us."
Priestess Aranwen: "May we honor their memories with our actions and thoughts."
Ancient Spirit: "The Ancients bless you for your prayers."
Northern Ritual Site

While you hold off the attacking spirits, Priestess Menaste will pray at each altar, whereupon an Ancient Spirit will appear and approve.

Ancient Spirit: "May the ancestors bless you."
Ancient Spirit: "May the ancients guide you through your days."
Ancient Spirit: "May we be honored by your humble prayers and offerings to us."

Rites of the QueenEdit

After accompanying Queen Ayrenn in the Tanzelwil underground ruins to the Ancestral Chamber and defeating Norion, Ayrenn will then perform her part of the ritual. The spirits in turn will appear one by one and bless her.

Queen Ayrenn: "May the ancestors bless us with their wisdom and protection."
Ancient Spirit: "The ancestors honor your prayers."
Ancient Spirit: "May the light of the Eight bless you and guide you."
Ancient Spirit: "Let your reign be long and peaceful."
Queen Ayrenn: "It's finished. Let's get out of this dark place. Follow me."

The Mallari-MoraEdit

The Ancient Spirits of Ezduiin awakened when the Mallari-Mora was rediscovered. During the related quest, they are initially hostile; they are unaggressive after completion. Should you defeat them, they will be free to pass on the Aetherius, on which they comment in various ways:

"You've lifted my curse. I'm free to seek my rest."
"The curse. It is gone! I owe you my freedom. Thank you."
"Can it be? Free from the curse of the Mallari-Mora!"
"The Mallari-Mora no longer binds me. Thank you."
"The Mallari-Mora no longer binds me here. Free of the curse!"
"I thought this my spiritual grave! Thank you for giving me freedom."
"Can it be? You've undone my curse! I thank you, brave one."
"What's this? The curse is gone? My freedom has returned!"
"The curse is gone! Finally, I am at peace. Thank you."
"Our weight has been lifted, and peace will be mine. Thank you."
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