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ON-qico-Instance.png Find two Guild members who were investigating Dark Anchors.
Faction: Fighters Guild
Quest Giver: Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors at one of the below Guildhalls; Bera Moorsmith at any other
Location(s): Aldmeri Dominion Vulkhel Guard, Buraniim Isle, Buraniim (Auridon)
Daggerfall Covenant Daggerfall, Dourstone Isle, Dourstone Vault (Glenumbra)
Ebonheart Pact Davon's Watch, Stonefang Island, Stonefang Cavern (Stonefalls)
Prerequisites: Fighters Guild Rank 1
Previous Quest: Aldmeri Dominion Aicessar's Invitation
Daggerfall Covenant Basile's Invitation
Ebonheart Pact Hilan's Invitation
Next Quest: The Dangerous Past
Reward: Anchorstone Amulet
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High
Solo Solo Only: Partly (as indicated)
Doshia tries to get Merric's Soul
The Guildmaster of the Fighters Guild wants me to perform a task for her.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak with Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors at the Fighters Guild in Vulkhel Guard (Auridon), Daggerfall (Glenumbra), or Davon's Watch (Stonefalls).
  2. Meet up with Merric at-Aswala and Aelif outside the city.
  3. Return to Sees-All-Colors.
  4. Locate Merric and Aelif near Skywatch (Auridon), Aldcroft (Glenumbra), or Ebonheart (Stonefalls).
  5. Talk to Aelif.
  6. Find the island tower.
  7. Talk to Merric.
  8. Report to Sees-All-Colors.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

A New Singular Purpose[edit]

Talk to Sees-All-Colors at the Fighters Guild. She tells you the guild has accepted a contract to defeat Dark Anchors, tendrils of Coldharbour. Two of the best guild members, Aelif and Merric, are investigating rumored anchors sites. She asks you to meet with them. You can ask her more about the two members or about the unusually large contract. All she will say about the benefactor is that she is powerful and doesn't like Daedra ruining lives.

You find Merric and Aelif fighting off a Worm Cultist. Talk to him. There won't be an Anchor where you are since the cultists have been defeated. However, he has heard of another one. He wants you to stay here with Aelif and search the cultists. When you search one of them, you are thrown back and a projection of a Dremora woman named Doshia appears.

"Cease your meddling, scum! The Redguard's soul will fill the Mortuum Vivicus. Nothing you can do can stop it!"

Talk to Aelif about the vision. Aelif will warn him, while you tell Sees-All-Colors. The guildmaster asks you to find Merric and Aelif. She will rally the guild and investigate the Mortuum Vivicus.

You need to find Aelif first. When you approach her, she beckons you to join the fight, and Doshia summons Daedra. Help Aelif defeat three waves of Daedra, then find Merric. However, you are too late; Doshia casts a spell on Merric and they disappear. Talk to Aelif, who has run up behind you. She sees a location mentioned in one of the Worm Cultist's notes. She asks you to go there, while she gets the guildmaster and more help.

When you approach where Merric is being held, a ghost of a Nord beckons to you. It is Jofnir Iceblade, the former guildmaster. He asks you to save Merric and beware the followers of Molag Bal.

ON-icon-quest-solo.png Dealing with Doshia[edit]

Enter Doshia's lair and defeat her. Be sure to bring potions, and don't let the floating orbs, known as the Feast, reach her. They heal her, but can also heal you.

Talk to Merric. He overheard her talking to Molag Bal about harvesting souls. He tells you to take Doshia's Journal from the table. It seems to be unintelligible. You can also read Notes on the Mortuum Vivicus, which say Molag Bal will consume Tamriel.

Talk to Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors. Once she has deciphered the journal, she will let you know. She thanks you for saving Merric by giving you a reward.


  • If you are in a party, you will not have party support once you enter Buraniim/Dourstone Vault/Stonefang Cavern. You and your party members will each have to fight the imps and Doshia solo. So keep in mind of that.
  • During this quest, Aelif will appear to other players (who are not sharing your quest) as a Khajiit with a different appearance, labeled "Guardian".

Quest Stages[edit]

Anchors from the Harbour
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I'm supposed to meet with Merric and Aelif, top lieutenants in the Fighters Guild. They're investigating a Coldharbour anchor near the city.
Objective: Find Merric and Aelif
Objective Hint: Talk to Merric
Merric asked me to search the bodies of the Worm Cultists who attacked him.
Objective: Search Worm Cultist
As I searched the bodies, a vision of a Dremora woman appeared and threatened Merric. Aelif seemed very surprised. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Aelif
Aelif ordered me back to the Guildhall, to report to Sees-All-Colors. I should return and tell her what I've seen.
Objective: Return to Sees-All-Colors
Now that I've reported in to Sees-All-Colors, she wants me to join Aelif. To keep Merric safe. I should make my way to them at once.
Objective: Find Merric and Aelif
Merric and Aelif were ambushed by Daedra! I should help Aelif fend off the attack.
Objective: Help Aelif Defeat Daedra
Merric ran off after some Daedra that fled the ambush site. I should find him.
Objective: Find Merric
Merric has been kidnapped! Aelif ran up after the battle. I should talk to her to catch her up.
Objective: Speak with Aelif
Merric was taken to a tower on an island nearby. I should go to this island in search of Merric.
Objective: Find the Island Tower
A dead man appeared as I came close to the island, and called out to me. I should speak with it.
Objective: Speak with the Ghost
I must enter the dungeon beneath the tower to save Merric.
Objective: Enter Doshia's Lair
Doshia holds Merric in a spell-lock. I need to defeat her to free my comrade.
Objective: Defeat Doshia
I should speak with Merric about his kidnapping.
Objective: Talk to Merric
Merric suggested to me that a book Doshia was writing in might contain clues to what this 'Mortuum Vivicus' might be. I should grab it and any notes Doshia may have had before I leave the vault.
Objective: Retrieve Doshia's Journal
I should take Merric back to Sees-All-Colors.
Objective: Report to Sees-All-Colors
☑Finishes quest I should report what I've discovered to Sees-All-Colors.
Objective: Report to Sees-All-Colors
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