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Amil the Deft
Home City Ebonheart
Location The Ebony Flask
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Amil the Deft
Amil's old look

Amil the Deft is a Dunmer prostitute working at The Ebony Flask in the city of Ebonheart.

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"Could I interest you in a game of chance? I'm told I have terrible luck, but maybe today will be different."

Taking the TowerEdit

"Will you be staying in Ebonheart long, serjo?
I'm sure we could make your stay more pleasant."
"Might I sing you a song, my lady? Can I tell you a tale?
We could take a private room. I'm told I have a silver tongue."
What can you tell me of your mistress?
"I don't hate her, but there's no love lost between the nightflowers and Fedrasa.
She regards us a necessary evil. She doesn't even partake of our talents! Pah! Plus, she's incredibly jumpy."
What do you mean by jumpy?
"My guess is she's caught one too many fireball blasts in the war. She still hates loud noises.
There's an alchemist next door who's constantly testing flash powder and sulfurs. If she hears so much as a "pop," she jumps right out of her skin."