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Online:Alkosh's Supplicant

Alkosh's Supplicant
Location Sunspire Courtyard
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Alkosh's Supplicant

Alkosh's Supplicants are generic Khajiit who worship Alkosh and can be found in Sunspire's courtyard.

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Quest-related Events:Edit

When you enter Sunspire's courtyard, Nahviintaas will greet you personally among his worshipers. Mojha will stand and attempt to urge everyone else into escaping. A female Alkosh's Supplicant will beg him to stop, and several generic Supplicants will flee fearfully out the door you came in through as the armed NPCs become hostile.

Navhiintaas: "More have come to serve. Good. Kneel before your god and I will give you purpose."
Mojha: "It's a trick! He'll make slaves of you. Resist while you can!"
Navhiintaas: "Faithless. Put them in their place, then put them to work."
Alkosh's Supplicant: "Don't resist! Alkosh will punish you!"
Mojha: "Fool! This is our chance for freedom!"
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