Online:Alexia Dencent

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Alexia Dencent
Location Inside the Abandoned House on the outskirts of Aldcroft
Crosswych Inn
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Alexia Dencent

Alexia Dencent is a Breton initially encountered in Aldcroft. She had lived with her father, Edrien, in the nearby cottage next to the Lighthouse before his recent demise. Her uncle lives in Crosswych.

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Vital InheritanceEdit

Go inside the Abandoned House south of Aldcroft and you'll find Alexia cowering behind some upturned furniture crying:

"My poor Poppa, what will I do without you? Why would they kill a defenseless old man?"
What happened to your father?
"They came in the night—they came right into the lighthouse and attacked us in our sleep.
I ran here and hid. You aren't going to make me leave, are you? I feel safer here. Please."
You can stay, but you need to tell me who killed your father.
"It was the Bloodthorns.
Oh, poor Poppa. I left everything behind. I don't even have his dear old pipe to remember him by. If I just had that one small thing, maybe I could find some comfort."
Then I'll find his pipe and bring it back to you.

Speaking to her again:

"I can't thank you enough for your kindness. The pipe must be somewhere in the lighthouse or our cottage.
Please, be careful."

Return to Alexia, who will say:

"I thought Pappa was nearby, but now—nothing. Do you have his pipe? I just want to hold on to him, just a little longer."
Your father's spirit was here. He had a message. Take this gold and go to Crosswych.
"He appeared? He appeared and spoke about me? I recognize this satchel. What's inside it? Oh, Pappa. Ever the pragmatist. There's enough here to get supplies in Aldcroft. Then I can go on to Crosswych."

Alexia will run out the door and fade into the distance.

After completing the quest and liberating Crosswych, you can find her at the Crosswych Inn, where she'll say:

"I was hoping I'd see you again. I'm so much happier in Crosswych. My family here has helped me move past my loss and start a new life."