HomeĀ Settlement Crosswych
Location Crosswych Inn
Race Redguard Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Easy Profession Drunkard

Aleen is a Redguard drunkard who can be found in the Crosswych Inn in the town of Crosswych. She is married to Len Belland, the innkeeper. Her husband has been enslaved in Crosswych Mine by the Red Rooks.


Before you start Legitimate Interests:

"You really ought to visit Crosswych when we're not quite so overrun with...pests."

When you first enter Crosswych, she says:

"My husband stood up to these brutes ā€¦ and now he's slaving away in the mines.
All I can do is hope this gets resolved soon and try to keep the Red Rooks from trashing our inn."

Before you start The Miners' Lament, she will say:

"If you go into the mines, please find my husband Len. I'm terribly worried about him."

After Len is returned:

"I've dosed Len with enough healing potion so that he'll sleep for hours. Once he's feeling better, these rogues better be gone.
Otherwise, he'll just try to fight them again."

Once the quest chain for Crosswych is complete:

"I'm so happy to have Len back, safe and sound. He said you found him in the mine."