Online: People
Location Outside Vulkhel Guard
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Aldunie is an Altmer of the Silsailen Town Guard found on the road to the north of the city of Vulkhel Guard warning about the ongoing events happening there.

Related QuestsEdit


"Thank the Stars. This mudcrab won't stop pinching me.
Listen, you have to get to Silsailen! Help them before it's too late."
What's happened?
"It's the Veiled Heritance! The town is in flames! It all happened so fast.
Silsailen is just north of here. Follow the road, and find the canonreeve's daughter, Elenwen. She'll know what to do."
I'll find her and do what I can.
"Mara grant you speed and mercy!"

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