Online: People
Home Settlement Gnisis
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Alcorana is an insane Altmer miner found inside the egg mine in Gnisis. She is in one of the first alcoves inside the Gnisis Egg Mine where she is tapping her toes, conducting with her fingers, and blathering incoherently.

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Quest Related EventsEdit

As you approach her, you'll hear the "song" for the first time and she'll yell:

Alcorana : "You hear it don't you? But it's not as it should be …. Not at all."

Speak to her directly, and she'll say:

"The song is calling! You hear it, don't you? I can see it behind your eyes … swimming in there. Can you see the melody? The harmony? Please, you have to see it."
What did I hear just now?
"A song. The song. Do you see how it shimmers? Do you see its tones? Its colors? It should help make things clear—make things whole. But it doesn't. It doesn't! It has to be fixed!"
How do I fix it?
"Open your ears. You have to find it. The melody. It's shattered and hidden, you see? Tucked away in the noise. But it's there. It has to be. It has to be!"

Speak to her before leaving and she'll say:

"It's not right. It has to be right …."