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Home City Rimmen
Location The Stitches
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Ak'an is a Khajiit found in Rimmen. He is a member of a criminal gang along side Eljhan, ran by Tu'heiba.

Related Quests[edit]



After running into your old friend Jakarn, Ak'an and his cohort, Eljhan, will appear:

Ak'an : "Jakarn! Get back here, you sneaky—Kra!"

Speak to him and he'll say:

"You there! Did you see a puny Breton run this way? Answer Ak'an!"
Who are you?
"The Khajiit who will rip out your mewling throat if you do not answer.
Now, this one will ask just one more time. Did you see a scrawny Breton running away from this building? Yes or no?"
Sure, I saw a Breton. He ran toward the crafting stalls.
"That rotten little— When Ak'an finds that shaveskin, Jakarn, he will knock those stupid flat teeth right out of his head.
Listen to me. If the guards ask if you saw us, you say no. Betray us, and the wrath of Tu'heiba will find you. Eljhan! We go!"
Touch me, cat, and you'll lose that paw.
"This one has claws, eh? If only Ak'an had time to tear them out.
Fine, keep your secrets. But if you breathe a word of this to the guards, the wrath of Tu'heiba will find you. Eljhan! We go!"
Sorry, I didn't see anyone.
"Bah! You call yourself a Khajiit? A cross-eyed Orc, more like. Useless!
Listen well, little kitten. If the guards ask about Ak'an or Elijhan, you will say nothing. Breathe one word of this, and the wrath of Tu'heiba will find you. Elijhan! We go!."

Darkpool Mine[edit]

Arrive at Darkpool Mine, and Tu'heiba and the gang will be waiting. Ak'an will call out:

Ak'an : "Chief! That's the one from Rimmen! The one that deals with Jakarn."

Speak to him before speaking to Tu'heiba and he'll say:

"You showed spine when we spoke in Rimmen. We will see if your actions match your brave words, yes?"

Speak to him after and he'll say:

"Tu'heiba gave you what you seek, yes? Be off."

Speak to him after returning from the mine and he'll say:

"Still alive, eh? More than Ak'an expected. Perhaps you aren't as flimsy as you look."

Finally, speak to him after concluding with Tu'heiba and he'll say:

"You were fortunate Tu'heiba was in a generous mood. Do not presume this means we are friends, outsider. Now go."

The Stitches[edit]

Go to the terrace under the Goiter's Gulp and Tu'heiba and her gang will be waiting:

"You are clever, for an outsider. Ak'an respects that. Do not threaten Tu'heiba and you and Ak'an will get along."
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