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Home City Orsinium
Location Near the Shatul Clan Corral
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Aitrabhi is a Khajiit who can be found in Orsinium. She spends most of her time relaxing while her friend Rulfub does most of the work and Otalich drinks. Occasionally they all discuss current events in the city.


Prior to completing the Wrothgar main quest, they'll say:

Rulfub : "I heard that cultists have overrun Fharun Stronghold."
Aitrabhi : "Damn Vosh Rakh! Their Trinimac nonsense is going to be the downfall of this city."
Rulfub : "After what happened at the temple, I'm inclined to agree with you."
Otalich : "You two are worried about nothing. The king will deal with those traitors soon enough."
Aitrabhi : "That was Malacath fanatics. Haven't you heard? Chief Bazrag sent them to kill the high priestess."
Otalich : "Why would the chief want to harm Trinimac's mouthpiece? That makes no sense."
Rulfub : "Who knows why chiefs do any of the things they do? Politics, I suppose."
Otalich : "Right, right … blame it on politics. That's always your excuse."
Rulfub : "If we don't get back to work, we'll have to go into politics to make a living."

After events pass, they'll change the topic slightly:

Rulfub : "Aitrabhi, hurry up! We need to make the stables presentable!"
Aitrabhi : "What is the rush? With all the talk about traitors and cultists, who's going to care about an untidy stable?"
Rulfub : "That's exactly why it has to look spotless! The king's soldiers are going to tear the city apart to find Bazrag the Betrayer."
Otalich : "Maybe the traitors will hide in here with the echateres. Ha!"
Aitrabhi : "You make jokes but I did hear that the king's mood has gotten very dark indeed."
Otalich : "Bah, who cares if the king is in a bad mood? What's he going to do? Execute us?"
Rulfub : "I heard he killed a clan chief just for disagreeing with him."
Otalich : "That's just a tale told by the shield-wives to scare the outsiders."
Rulfub : "Do you really want to take a chance? I say we work together and we can get this place sparkling in no time!"